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Exceptional Facial
This amazing facial uses a unique mask which is a worldwide cosmetic first with its second skin effect, using biological cellulose and exceptional serum for intense soothing, moisturising and uplifting. Great for anti-aging. - 1hr 10 mins

Micro-dermabrasion Facial
A deep exfoliating treatment using aluminium oxide micro-crystals. Ideal for dull complexions, uneven skin textures, open pores and deepening lines. - 1hr

Cold Marine Facial
Particularly suited to fragile, delicate or menopausal skin, this facial incorporates a cool mint mask to reduce redness, refine and relax tension lines. - 1hr

Oxygen Facial
A purifying oxygenating treatment for sallow, sluggish skins plutted by stress and negative lifestyles. - 1hr

Clear Expert Facial
This facial is great for evening out age spots, pigmentation marks and imperfections on face and hands. Perfect for anyone wanting clearer more brightened skin. - 1hr 10 mins

Rebalancing Facial
This deep cleansing, anti-bacterial facial is great for oily, problem prone skin types. - 1hr